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Plumbers Fighting Breast CancerPlumbers Fighting Breast Cancer

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Water Heater Services in Carrolton, TX

Why live without hot water when you can depend on us for affordable water heater services in Carrolton, TX? The plumbers at The Pink Plumber can give you hot water again. Because we are professionals in the industry, we are able to service and install a wide variety of water heaters—gas, electric, and tankless. Our experienced and trustworthy team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the plumbing business.

Repairing Water Heaters of All Makes & Models

Heat, pressure, and hard water...your water heater takes a lot of abuse over time. Eventually, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, we can prolong the life of your heater by providing comprehensive repair services.

Whatever the make or model you have, we can usually get it working again. If not, we then provide affordable water heater replacement. If you notice any of the following, your water heater may need to be serviced.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly | Not Enough Hot Water | Lower Hot Water Pressure | Water Has Bad Smell | Leaking Water from Tank | Discolored Water | Noisy Water Heater

Water Heater Services Frisco, TX

Money-Saving Water Heater Repair Services

Extend the life of your unit by choosing us for affordable repair services. Doing so also saves you money in the long run, because it ensures a more efficient unit and helps you avoid spending money on a new unit. At the same time, our plumbers do not charge by the hour but by the project. Whether your water heater is leaking, the heating element is broken, or there is an electrical problem, we have the tools and experience to provide the repairs you need.

Water Heater Installation

Reduce your utility bill and save money by letting us install a new water heater. Committed to delivering the highest quality services at an affordable price. This special deal is for all of our customers. Most importantly, our water heater installation service is completely guaranteed. Choose between a gas or electric 40-gallon Bradford White™ water heater, and we'll install it for you.

Energy Star Tax Saving Credits for Water Heater Replacement

Is your old water heater damaged beyond repair? Even though we are able to fix many types of problems, sometimes repair is not cost effective. It's better to replace your unit instead. Fortunately, we install many makes and models of water heaters—from traditional to tankless. When you trust our team for water heater replacement, you also enjoy Energy Star tax savings credits and utility rebates. The Federal government as well as your utility company does this because new units are more energy-efficient. It's an incentive for you, and good for the environment.

Contact us to schedule new water heater replacement with our plumbers. We proudly serve customers in and around Carrolton, Texas.