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Plumbers Fighting Breast CancerPlumbers Fighting Breast Cancer

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Water Heater Services in Frisco, TX

Turn on the tap and enjoy hot water again by contacting our experienced plumbers for water heater services in Frisco, TX. Spare your family from a cold shower. Let The Pink Plumber give you hot water again. Our expert plumbers offer fast solutions that turn up the heat. Having more than 50 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, our skilled service technicians thoroughly and accurately and address all of your water heater repair concerns.

Comprehensive Services for All Water Heaters

Your water heater takes a lot heat and pressure—literally! So, it won't last forever. If things are chilly in the shower or you don't have enough hot water to wash your dishes, contact us for water heater services. We provide comprehensive repairs for all water heaters. Whether you have an electric, natural, or tankless heater, we can get it working again. If it cannot be repaired, we provide affordable water heater replacement. Some of the signs that indicate yours needs servicing include:

No Hot Water | Not Enough Hot Water | Low Hot Water Pressure | Water Has a Bad Odor
Water Heater Leaking | Discolored Water | Noisy Water Heater

Water Heater Services Frisco, TX

Water Heater Repair That Prolongs the Life of Your Unit

Save money and your unit at the same time. Water heater repair prolongs the life of your equipment, allowing you to postpone purchasing a new one. However, in addition to that, our services are affordable. You don't have to worry about paying high hourly rates when you trust us to service your water heater. That's because we charge by the project and not the hour.

Our rates are competitive because we place your satisfaction as your top priority. We take pride in repairing the problem in an efficient and friendly manner. Whether the problem relates to leaky line, a broken element, or an electrical problem, we have the equipment and skill to provide the repairs you need. At the same time, we understand that trustworthy plumbers are not always easy to find. If you have had a disappointing experience in the past, then give us a try.

Water Heater Installation

Reduce energy costs by installing a new water heater. Our water heater installation service is completely guaranteed. Let us install a new 40-gallon Bradford White™ water heater for you.

Energy Star Tax Savings for Water Heater Replacement

Is it time to retire your old water heater? Even though we can repair all types, sometimes fixing your water heater is not cost effective. Replace your unit and enjoy energy-efficient heating. We install many makes and models of water heaters—from traditional to tankless. When you use our company for water heater replacement, you enjoy Energy Star tax saving credits as well as utility rebates.

Contact us for more information about Energy Star tax credits on our water heaters. We proudly serve customers in and around Frisco, Texas.