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Drain Cleaning in Plano, TX

Drain Cleaning Plano, TX

Don't use a drain cleaner to clear out your sink or tub. Although it is a common response when you have clogged drains, it's not the best solution. Instead, depend on The Pink Plumber to wash away the waste and clear out the clogs.

As plumbers with more than 50 years of combined experience, we provide effective and thorough drain cleaning in Plano, TX. From simple clogs to major blockages, our highly trained plumbers know the correct way to clean and clear all types of drains.
If you have standing water in your sink or it's draining to slowly, then that's a sure sign you need drain clearing. Using cables, hydro-jetting equipment, or a combination of both, we wash away the problem. As licensed technicians, we perform fast and reliable services for all sizes and types of drains—even main sewer lines.

Drain Clearing Made Easy

Are you frustrated with your stopped-up drain? Have you tried to unblock it yourself? When you notice problems, contact our plumbers. We'll handle the hard work for you. Our technicians perform a video pipe inspection to find the problem. Doing so allows us to locate the precise area in the pipe the needs to be cleaned. If you locate the problem early enough, it also helps us avoid digging up lines to fix the damage or blockage.

It's important to act fast when you have a slow-running drain. An obstructed or clogged line can cause costly repairs in the future. As waste builds up, it makes drains less efficient and can create pressure that could lead to a pipe bursting. With our drain clearing service, we cut through the debris by using effective tools, industrial-grade products, and proven methods.

Advanced Video Camera Pipe Inspections

The last thing you want is a plumber that digs up your lawn to fix a pipe problem. If the problem is in your home, the damage could be even more extensive. Fortunately, we use a state-of-the-art video camera for pipe inspections. By using a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution camera, we assess the overall condition of your pipes. Doing so allows our trained plumbers to electronically pinpoint clogs, broken, or cracked lines. After that, we provide cleaning, repair, or replacement. Since we are experienced plumbers, we are fully equipped to address all of your plumbing and drain cleaning issues.

Contact us for emergency drain cleaning if your sinks are clogging up. We proudly serve customers in and around Plano, Texas.