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Slab Leak Repair in Ft. Worth, TX

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Slab Leak Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Stop leaking water from damaging your home’s foundation and the rest of your property. When you notice signs of a leak underneath the concrete slab of your home, turn to our plumbers for speedy slab leak repair in Fort Worth, TX. We use years of experience and proven methods to locate the leak and determine its size. Once the leak has been found, we offer affordable slab leak repair options to restore your foundation and prevent further damage.

Know the Signs of a Slab Leak

There are several signs that suggest the presence of a plumbing slab leak under your home. Some people notice the sound of water running even when the water has been turned off, or a hot spot on the floor. Other signals are cracks in the floor and walls as well as excessive moisture and mildew under your flooring. Sometimes even high utility bills can indicate the presence of a leak, since the leak causes greater household water waste. If you notice these red flags, call in our slab leak detection crew to search your home.

The slab leak detection experts from our company take a non-invasive approach to each repair project we undertake. We use state-of-the-art tools to determine the exact location of your leak, and we never break concrete or cause additional damage. With the right equipment and skills, any leak can be traced and fixed with minimal damage to your home.

Explore Your Options for Slab Leak Repair

Make the right choice for your property’s safety by enlisting the help of our skilled service team. Once we locate the leak, our plumbers start to assess the situation; then, we recommend the most affordable and non-destructive solution. Our company has the required equipment to perform several different types of slab water leak repair.

The simplest option is spot repair. For this slab leak service, we open up a small section of your concrete slab where the leak is located and repair the pipe. Spot repair is typically the most cost-effective solution for newer homes. Properties with older plumbing systems may benefit more from a re-piping solution. If the pipes have a history of leaking, we simply replace the entire affected line.

Finally, some slab leaks require epoxy pipe coatings. This fix involves a coating that is applied inside of the plumbing to restore the pipes. It is ideal for plumbing systems that suffer from a series of smaller leaks. Count on our plumbers to assess your unique situation closely and recommend the best solution for your slab leak situation.

Contact our plumbers to schedule slab leak repair at your home. We are proud to serve residents in Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrolton, Irving, Plano, and Frisco, Texas.